In another life

In another life im expectin something in exchange for everything I did in this one. Every single sacrifice made, every abandoned dream, hope, love, desire for the sake of  someone’s happyness.
In another life I will keep all my promises and expect the same from them…
I want to wake up without dividing my soul into thousands of pieces…I want to keep it all from me. I don’t want to fake smiles and be thrown off from stage to stage.
I just want to be like the rest.
For once I would like to see how it is to be selfish enough to ignore…in another life…cause in this one I’m connected to the ballance of too may. I feel like a ship that is ready to sink…and every tiny movement could add that extra drop of water that could send me to the depth of the ocean.
In another life all I want to do is dream, wake up and fall into dreams again. All I hope is not to be forced to give up on my love for others, again.

Now that we’re at the border line of the end of beginning.

Now that we re at the border line of the end of a beginning and looking forward at another beginning, I want to approach things differntly.

As a new years resolution, I want all those close to me to be happy and healthy, but especially healthy…as I understood that if we have health and strength, we can build our happyness. I pray for others to be happy and healhy and lucky because then I can focus on my stormy waters. I can not try and rescue me from the tormented seas as others are drowning next to me. As you may read this, it may seem like I exagerate but…I’m slowly undestanding that my own inner peace and ballance depends roughly on the reflected energy of those who surround me.

So just please, make the rest heappy, heal all wounds, cease all fire and let all countries germinate under cyan sky for me to find my starting point in this race.


There comes a point in life when u pray for miracles…you struggle to choke in hope and strength.

Tell me, fellow frined who does not believ in God or any divine existence…who do you pray to when you’re running out of hope? when you see that things surrounding you start to collapse…tell me what do you do in that moment of despair ?


I think that there are many things wich could be scary in this life…but one of the most disturbing feelings is the one that covers you as you get lost in ur thoughts and get scared of what flows in ur mind. That feeling that you do not satisfy ur expectations, that frustration that pushes you in a dark room in which you desperately run and in the same time try to be careful to not crash into something or even hav the softest contact with anything.

Oh it kills you to get locked in the chambers of your soul where it thunders and blizzards with old feelings through lost wounds.