Gettin’ bored.

just wanted to say that I’m sleepy and that I’m at the mountains and I have to read Madame Bovary, Hamlet,  Freude. Just booorreedd…and thinking what …u know what I was just having a “talk” with my mom and granny…and they scream at me..I hate when ppl obtain an imunity ball… that is so fake and pretend they are something they are not. I just hate it! It’s horrible. when ur trying to make a point and just create something and ur wings are chopped. It’s so bad. Im so angry, I wanna run, I wanna hit, I wanna scream , I wanna make a point, I wanna do something, but it’s not enough. not enough for them, not enough for you! I hate it when u do like that. I hate it. And in the end I realise that I’m the wrong one, I should scream, I should hit, I should curse to make a point. I piss on this planet full of shit. shit and piss go good 2gether! I hate it. soon …hmm. soon what? what am I saying? what am I pretending. I’m angry, but what can I do? All I can do is deal with it and make my skin thicker. Fuck you dear fake one. I hate this part right here.


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