Eurovision time.

I know I usually write in romanian on this blog but, this is a special occasio.

Tomorrow’s Tuesday…Tuesday the 12…Tuesday the 12 of May…? Nothing?

Tomorrow is Eurovision’s First Semifinal…

What is Eurovision? Well, it is also known as ESC- Eurovision Song Contest…I think you heard of ABBA…yep ABBA was there too…that’s why they are so famous…

Eurovision is for me…the opportunity for my country, Armenia, to show its musical talents. Especially our traditions, our music, our dance and our fancy costumes:))…

So if you’r reading this and you’r not from Armenia, please vote Armenia, for me;;)

Dont forget, tomorrow, 12 of May, at 10 PM(for Romania) on TVR1…Please vote if you enjoy the show!

Best wishes and good luck to other countries!

PS: I live in Romania and I would like to say special GOOD LUCK TO ELENA AND THE BALKAN GIRLS!



Inga and Anush


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