This is…weird…

I usually find things like this very strange and awkward…and this one is really awkward.

Could it be just a coincidence? A joke? A bored person that has no job and wastes time analysing videos of Rihanna? Or just a Britney fan trying to ruin Rihanna’s career?

I certainly dont know the truth…ont thing I know for sure, this is freaky!

I am the kind of person who blvs this kind of stuff…I mean, it is too well argued to be just pathetic…and I dunno…those knid of things happen in 2009…I would like to know you opinion.

If you take some time and read the lower comments on youtube, you will see ppl really need psycologists, even if sometimes psycologists…


6 thoughts on “This is…weird…

  1. hai frateee/…:| ce prostieee…de obicei dansatorii sunt atatia cat sa fie un nr sa fie cantaretu in fel ca si miscarile..ce distrusi:)):|

    • mai eu nu-s sigur ce as putea zice despre video…este ciudat…si nu vreau sa aprofundez in subiect. tot ce pot spune ca rihanna aplecat aarata destul de ciudat.

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