You will not be alone

Have you ever listened to something that gave you almost all the moods possible?

From happiness to melancholy, from love to that kind of pain that just makes you scream. Only feeling freedom in captivity.

Have you ever thought that you felt like you can see through the eyes of birds? Feel the cold under the seas?

Well, this is a song that made me feel like this. Hope you enjoy the song!

The two singers are Inga and Anush Arshakyan, our Armenian girls that are representing us at Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Moscow. They made it to the finals! Let us all support them on Saturday the 16th! All the love in the world  for you girls! Dont forget that us Armenians never leave a TRUE FRIND and not only behind! You need our help to win!  My 120 votes for you! :X:X:X



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