Show them what u got

Lady Gaga…dont you just love her?

I do…

I’m like she isn’t the most beautiful creature in Holywood…but she rocks.

She got attitude and she can act too…Tisch student…and what about her style?…crazy….

Here’s one more reason to love her…compared to other Barbie dolls that call their daddy to pay their studio edited voices, Lady Gaga can sing…and act in the same time…



3 thoughts on “Show them what u got

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    • hmm…ea nu este frumoasa. ea arata bine. ea nu are cea mai grozava voce. are o voce placuta. ea nu este o papusa barbie. este o pausa originala. ea este gaga…lady gaga=)) hmm…ce imi place la ea? stilul eu, pasiunea ei pentru muzica si pofta cu care canta. alele isi scot hituri house/techno si nici macar alea cu 5 randuri de cacat nu le canta live(gen Ina, cu melodiile ei super de succes…cand am auzit-o cantand live, cele 3 surcele ale ei…m-a luat cu durerile…deci HORRROOORR…si nu numai ea…plus ca maneliza piesa…).

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