One down more to go.

Wow…we thought we would never finish this….at least I…It was Sunday, Tuesday(today) we have an IB Language A1 Romanian HL, oral presentation…the problem was that I had Ideas for the presentation but did not consider them good enough… What should I do? PANIC! I called the teacher and tell her the situation…sad….my ideas were:   […]

Sweet Art!

Ok…while I was searching new stuff on flickr….i discovered a new way of art… AND I WAS AMAZED! Pottery with sugar! Flavours and colours…that’s all I can say! Congrats to those ladies! Some get famous on canvas, some with clay and you are famous, for me, with sugar! Best wishes and all the respect for […]

Dear readers,

This is a special post for those who visit my blog(not my friends or teachers, they are in a special category), especially those who found me on Inga and Anush’s blog. Before thankin’ the readers, I should thank Inga and Anush first, they chose to promote Lake Sevan’s participation to 7 New Wonders of Nature […]

Amuzant, foarte amuzant.

Ce sa fie amuzant? Totul….prefacatoria asta…prostia ast aieftina…tot circul asta. Oare cat va mai tine? Cat nu ne vom da seama ca ranim? Cat va dura sa realizam ca prin increderea in noi ii indepratm pe cei dragi, pe cei care ne considera prieteni, tin la noi. Cel mai ciudat este ca noi, oamenii snobi, […]


There’s an organization called 7 NEW WONDERS. IT CHOOSES NEW WONDERS OF THE EARTH! LET’S ALL VOTE! Romania is in the competition with Retezat Park and Armenia with Lake Sevan. PLEASE take you time and vote on this page….you will have to choose one Wonder for each category, Retezat Park in Parks and Forests & […]

Just about time…

As you all know…beside Eurovision, cooking, orchids, phones(more Megapixels…the better), painting, taking photos[to everything(that’s why i want a phone with great camera)], i have one more thing…my NATIONALITY:D Many people dont even know if there is any country named Armenia, many say it’s a muslim country or something somewhere in Turkey or duno… Nope, Armenia’s a […]