Just about time…

As you all know…beside Eurovision, cooking, orchids, phones(more Megapixels…the better), painting, taking photos[to everything(that’s why i want a phone with great camera)], i have one more thing…my NATIONALITY:D

Many people dont even know if there is any country named Armenia, many say it’s a muslim country or something somewhere in Turkey or duno…

Nope, Armenia’s a little country between Asia and Europe…next to Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran.


Our capital is Yerevan, we cover only 29,800 km2   and our population is 3.231 mil.

Armenia is the country wiht loud people like me and the rest of my family(if you think I’m loud, you should meet the rest of my family), the country with bigggg families…perfect combination big and loud:D

Facts about armenians:



-big eyed(most of them beautiful…aham…)

-guests are treated nice

-no one enters an armenian family and leaves hungry

-again loud

-love to party

-drink a lot of vodka

-best lobsters in the world, caught in Sevan Lake

-even Noha chose to stop in Armenia with his Arch

-1st officially Christian country

-mafia’s like in the italian movies…sucks

-best apricot ever

-we have pomegranates

-known for the

-army’s compulsory(2 years and 8moths)

-Aivazovski’s armenian:D

-Cher’s armenian

-Charles Aznavour is armenian

– weddings are rlly fun…everyone should see an armenian wedding once a lifetime

Armenia is the country where religion and history are very important, thousands of years ago armenians gave all of their goods to save their manuscripts…to protect our history, to be sure that the future generation will know who we were.

The country is full of old churches and monuments, especially outside the capital…

Here are some photos of my little country called Armenia:D



Most important church in Armenia(old)





Grigor Lusavorich Church Yerevan



Grigor Lusavorich Church in Yerevan, one of the biggest modern churches in Armenia, very big and beautiful(Grigor Lusavorich is the man that brought the Christianity Light in Armenia)






Garni pagan temple, 1st century AD, been there and it’s very beautiful



 Lake Sevan


Lake Sevan, sea for the aremenians, it occupies 4% of Armenia







Armenian manuscript…what my ancestors fought for. To protect them so I can know my roots.






Mount Ararat


Yerevan and Mount Ararat on teh background








Tzitzernakabert- translated Swallows Nest- It was built in honor of the Armenian Genocide.  Every year on April 24, all armenians put flowers inside the nest, in memory of those lost in the genocide. The monument has a flame in the middle that burns all the time, liek the fire in every armenian’s heart.






Hamalir- biggest concert hall in Armenia






Armenian Taraz



Armenian girl wearing armenian traditional costume(she has the traditional bread in her hands- also known in romanian as “lipie”, it is a little differente than the ones available in Romania, much more tasty and slim)






Key words in Armenia:

Barev- Hello

Vonts es? – How are you?

Hagioh- Bye

Kez sirum em/Sirum em kez- I love you

Apush- Idiot

Aragh- Vodka

Horovatz- Barbecue(Armenian style)

Esh- Donkey(like “magarule”, in armenian used as brianless, it is used by mothers towards their children, girls when flirting, wife to husband=)))

Ape- Brotha'(more like brother in the hood, try reading it romanian way, not English like Plantet of the Apes)

Ahcik- Girl

For bad words please contact me or my brother.

If new ideas related to Armenia will hit me, i will update this post. Good Bye for now.

OH WAIT- There is an organization that finds 77 NEW WONDERS OF THE NATURE.

Romania is in the competition with Retezat Park and Armenia with Lake Sevan. PLEASE take you time and vote on this page….you will have to choose one WOnder for each category, Retezat Park in Parks and Forests & Lake Sevan at Rivers and lakes.  PLEASE:D http://www.new7wonders.com/nature/en/nominees/asia/c/LakeSevan/ TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!

Sursa la 7 New Wonders preluata de la Shnitzy- scuze ca nu am precizat de la inceput-







10 thoughts on “Just about time…

  1. ok deci ideea este luata de la mine. cer drepturi de autor..numai ca e facut muuuuuuult mai bine .. te invidiez..acum sigur Lacul sevan o sa fie in top . Multe succesuri :P:)))

    • lolllll I would never have thought that you would visit my blog!
      Duk shat aprek.
      Menk menak mer partakanutunnenk anum hayi! Shat Shat mersiner! barevner ev pacikner!

  2. *Gary Kasparov, the world chess champion, is also Armenian
    *Andre Agassi is also Armenian


    • hehe thanks for the update:D ….i think mentioned some of my fav. known armenians…:P but still…Agassi’s very known and good…and there’s no comment about gary kasparov:D
      nuin pes hajox!:D Hrant
      PS: tnx for the comment…where did u find the link?:P

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