Dear readers,

This is a special post for those who visit my blog(not my friends or teachers, they are in a special category), especially those who found me on Inga and Anush’s blog.

Before thankin’ the readers, I should thank Inga and Anush first, they chose to promote Lake Sevan’s participation to 7 New Wonders of Nature on their blog, mentioning that I inspired them(giving the link to my blog). And now to everyone who follows me…THANKS…thanks for reading….

And now that I mentioned my external readers, i can not avoid my friends and teachers who read my blog every day or once a week. For me, the author, it is very important to know that all my ideas and feelings that I post are being received by someone. That someone is you, dear reader.

Best wishes and THANKS AGAIN!

PS: Don’t be shy and contradict my if you have another opinion on what I said…


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