One down more to go.

Wow…we thought we would never finish this….at least I…It was Sunday, Tuesday(today) we have an IB Language A1 Romanian HL, oral presentation…the problem was that I had Ideas for the presentation but did not consider them good enough…

What should I do?


I called the teacher and tell her the situation…sad….my ideas were:

  ~draw a moth that tries to hide between butterflies…and make connections with Blache DuBoise…

  ~present a series of paintings by René Magritte comparing them with Iona by Marin Sorescu

  ~ and the most unthought idea was comparing the lyrisc of Analyse by Thom Yorke with Marin Sorescu’s, Iona

As you all know me…I make the most odd decisions and thanks God, many times I nail it…like this time…

My research started long time ago…with my soul, spiritually…but never in reality…

I decided to start writin’ or at least think about my presentation…at 11PM…till 3AM…

I practiced it wonce home…and once in the bus.

And there I was… everyone prepared…or at least some of them…we were there…crazy, weird, differente, anxious…and duno…

Even if I slept for only 3 and a half hours…I had energy….

The eacher was annoyed by me 1-2 hours before we started=))

I screamed…I jumped and there I was…standing next to Ana to help her at her presentation(she was thew first one[poor Ana:):*])…

I was after the narrator irene, who was before Jo the crazy moth…I was there….

We all listened to Thom Yorke’s wonder called “Analyse”…they liked it….I was happy that I reached their soul with my song…I love that song…I was obsessed by that song and still am for like 1 yer…:X the video melted in the song:X

I started….I told them what I feel and what I think. They smiled aand it ended.

Jo counted that in a few miuntes I made like 150 steps…

I wish that everyday  we had that mood…that passion:x

From black and white stylish collage(luv ur work Ana)…to a shocking interpretation on Blache(by Jo the moth)…to one old/young narrator(more like Sanat readin’ to us)…to “Analyse”…to René Magritte’s humiliation fish by Ynes(good choice!!)…to a crazy black/wet/burned/hopeles ritual(by no one else then Stef)…to trip into the stomach of a whale to meet Mirunik’s lonely teacher…

What a day!

Cogratz to all of you! Love you all!:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

Best wishes to our emotional teacher, Mrs. Mihaela!


4 thoughts on “One down more to go.

    • =)) i was sp stressed…=)) i fucked u guys up with my stress, i cdnt stop moving and dalking and screaming=))and i slept like 3 hour…=))EVAHH

  1. Momente de neuitat! Bravooooooo! S-o tineti tot asa! Am avut momente in care am regretat ca nu v-am inregistrat, dar e mai bine asa… a ramas totul intiparit in suflet… si nu ne poate lua nimeni aceste “tiparituri”!!!

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