This idea hit me the night I was preparin for my oral presentation…

I was sleepy and tiered…usually ideas hit me when I’m like that.

I was thinking about something….what…what was I thinking of? …dont ask…

I think I was preparin’ my speech for the driver that will tell me that I was late and he will not wait for me tomorrow. Even if he wasn’t the kind of person to whom I would say this but still…: “You know what? You told me ur gonna pick me up at 7:35….u called me to come out at 7:20….15 minutes earlier! WHY am I guilty! You know what? God didn’t create Adam and Eve, put them on the waiting line, in the terminal, while he was creating the world…no…got it? Dont put me on the waiting line if you decided to create the world at 7:35.”

This may sound stupid and useles.

One day I will tell this phrase to an intelligent person, that day I will post about it.


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