More Armenian.

As you all know….I love my country…and music…and art…and dances…and food…and everything.
The Armenian comunity in Romania, has beside many other things, an Armenian Traditional Dance Ensemble…:D
And yes, I am in the crew:D….
Soon, on 15 August, we are travelin’ to Sighisoara Pro Etnica Festival…an event that allows minorities in Romania represent their culture…through music, danc etc.:D
We represent armenian traditional dances while the armenian choir of Gherla will perform armenian music:D
Hope it will be fine…and you are all invited to watch and cheer us!:D
Here is a video of armenian traditional dances….we are not the ones in the video…they are just awsome…enjoy!
Bert Par(Tower Dance-i guess)


2 thoughts on “More Armenian.

  1. Buna Hrant! Sunt din Gherla, dar nu am auzit NICIODATA ca corul orasului nostru sa cante muzica traditionala armeana. Ai putea sa inregistrezi spectacolele in care corul canta si in care dansati? Pentru ca aveti niste dansuri minuntate!
    PS: Si mie imi plac Inga & Anush(Arshakyan)!

    • hey:D buna si tie!:D eu stiu ca la Pro etnica va fi si corul din Gherla si ca vom fi cazati impreuna:)) eu stiu ca ei canta si muzica armeneaska:)) sau cel putin cred:)) eh…ce-o fi, o sa iasa frumos…apropo…nu noi suntem cei din videouri….dar ast anu insemana ca dansam rau…cel putin asta cred eu :)) o sa pun pe blog videourile dupa festival:D

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