I remembered about this place. This place which gave me freedom. It’s a place where all tears could turn into smile, every smile could end with a tear.

I’m still alive:)

I am thinking of myself. Sometimes I want the real me back. I hope to get him back one day.

Everyone knows me in one way.

Too bad or too good that the rest of the basement cant be seen by everyone. Some may call it a vip area, i dont. Usually those areas bring pain. It’s like Pandora’s box…you open it, hoping to find something good…but it dznt always bring joy….most of the time it doesn’t.

It’s cold in there.

That’s where the base is.

The doors open once a thousand thoughts.

You can easily get lost there. The darkness can be spread with hope and understanding.

The winds that blow there start storms in which feelings scream. They may scream but their voice is lost in translations, before being understood they fade away,hopeless.

I ended up there hoping to find what is lost, the pieces which dont fit anymore.

I will end now. Enough cold brought on earth.




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