This is A man’s world.

I was just watchin’ Troy and I started thinking about us, humans.

What are we?

Are we human?

We are cannibals. We kill each other like cold blooded animals. We are known as beings who can judge. Can we?

Why do thousands of people die because of one man’s will? Why did Troy fall?

Why innocent and wise people had to die because of brainless and coward people like Paris? I guess the answer is- because they are brothers and that Hector, as a big brother had to protect Paris. But honestly, was Paris’s and Helen’s love worth thousands of people’s life, why couldn’t Paris die like a brave for Helen?

That’s why we’re humans, because we are weak, we are full of greed.

And I will soon brake the TV because I cant stand watchin’ coward Paris killing Achilles, killing his brother, father, destroying Troy.

But, I think we/me got the idea that in this world full of sins, the coward ones always survive, drinking all the glory of the brave hearted ons. By brave heart I don’t mean that u have to fight all the time and find solutions in wars, on a filed full of abandoned dreams, feelings, fathers mothers. We should start using our brain, the only thing that makes us different from animals or plants. PS: At least plants create oxygen…and again, us humans ruin everything…we cut them…for power.shin-nasa-gfsc-meltwater-l


3 thoughts on “This is A man’s world.

  1. I blame Achilles failure to deal with Troy on PTSD.

    What’s that you say? No evidence of PTSD back then? Well, the first page of the Illiad clearly shows it is a story of war, of men looking back on war with “anger,” the typical anger that arises in those soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

    You don’t think Achilles had PTSD? He and his fellow Greeks had been fighting for 10 years. Ten years, for Helen’s Sake. Don’t you think he was hyper alert, highly vigalente, keyed to kill at the drop of a hat (or Trojan helmit)?

    He was the greatest warrior of his day. And had a reputation to live up to.

    But what if Achilles had practiced mindfullness meditation? What if he was able to step back after defeating Hector. Step back and see what other options he had to follow.

    Hector was the first born, the favorite son of the King of Troy. Don’t you think the Greeks could have negotiated some deal. Get Helen back . . . exchange Hector for the sniveling Paris . . .

    Oh well. Achilles killed Hector, thereby pissing off some of the gods and sealing his doom for all time.

    Nice post. got me inspired to share my thoughts!

    Michael J

    • I’m happy I inspired you:) I get really frustrated and angry every time I watch that movie…I blame Paris for everything. He’s the perfect snob of the 21 century. He steals and then runs away. He runs away with Helena….he’s to coward to die for his love….his brother gets killed because of him, Troy is conquered because of him, his father is killed because of him, Achilles tries to protect his cousin and he kills him….how pathetic and annoying.
      I will start writing again after I finish my exams in May.

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