thank you.

sometimes it’s time to say goodbye.

though it’s hard and it hurts and you don’t even wanna think about it… we have to.

when tears come unexpected, the air isn’t enough for everyone and your lips shake  like two shy lovers, it’s time to say goodbye.

before that goodbye, i have to open my heart for you guys.

all I am now, is also thanks to you. you influenced me, you helped me, you hurt me, you stepped on me, you killed and resurrected me, you built someone other than I used to be.

i guess it was time. to grow up? to smile? to cry? to understand why?

you were all next to me; my friends, my teachers, my headmasters, my family,  my faith …you were there and just like waves hit the cliff, you hit me and woke me up to reality every time i fell in love with the beauty of the clouds, started day dreaming, giving up to every barrier of the situation…yes, you woke me up and I felt alone, standing in the middle of the ocean…but I knew how to come back. it was in my blood.

you guys will always be in my heart, like magnets stuck on the inner side of my soul, the iron part of my existance.

though there were moments in which i felt lost and eyes tied running towards nowhere, you guys held my hand and brought me on the right track.

i am thankful to everyone. for every smile, for every tear, cry, laughter and for every word.

yours for always,

hrant of neverland.


6 thoughts on “thank you.

  1. Bafta, Hrant! Acum lasi copilaria in urma si te indrepti spre viata adulta – e un pas important si iti doresc multa intelepciune, rabdare si nitel noroc 🙂 The fun is just beginning 🙂

  2. hope so! ramane sa intru la fac si deja trenul e pus in miscare…tot ce am de facut e sa nu uit sa bag carbune in motor.:)

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