Hit me as hard as you can.

Recently, I discovered that there are certain things in life that have to happen. They hurt you, step on your ego, throw you in places where there seems to be no exit, no chance of understanding what is happening, no nothing. We foolishly stand and wait for the end. The end is always late. You wait. We wait.

There is so much anger in us, created out of questions with no answers, options with no options and roads that are out of thin ice.  We make small steps, we suffer, we look back, we suffer again, but this time as we look at what is left behind…people, scents, memories and hopes. We may be lost but I guess that’s just one of life’s mirages…a game of mirrors, dreams and sorrow. We create them out of simple, pure and innocent things.

What could we do?

Stand and wait for the end, that is the only step we can make.

Though we never move, the background will.


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