In another life

In another life im expectin something in exchange for everything I did in this one. Every single sacrifice made, every abandoned dream, hope, love, desire for the sake of  someone’s happyness.
In another life I will keep all my promises and expect the same from them…
I want to wake up without dividing my soul into thousands of pieces…I want to keep it all from me. I don’t want to fake smiles and be thrown off from stage to stage.
I just want to be like the rest.
For once I would like to see how it is to be selfish enough to ignore…in another life…cause in this one I’m connected to the ballance of too may. I feel like a ship that is ready to sink…and every tiny movement could add that extra drop of water that could send me to the depth of the ocean.
In another life all I want to do is dream, wake up and fall into dreams again. All I hope is not to be forced to give up on my love for others, again.


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