I wonder if my game is the right one…is it fair? But then I wonder if it was fair of them…was it? Should I pay with the same moves? Am I better than that?
I wonder about the moment in which I will let it flow due to pity…how will it feel to let something you desired wander?
This is bullshit, im still confused.


Fuck it.

If you ever think think that you have seen everything…be sure that life will prove ur wrong…it will hit you in the most unexpected places…it will take you by your legs and pull you under the sea and let you drown for a second…and let u float back to the surface…as you realise that you have been wrong…so wrong…

And if you think that your problems are enough…wait till you get stuck with other peoples problems…

Lose it.

It feels like one of your works gets stained and starts to rot…until it covers everything.
Just like a canvas, you had the base on which to work, the rest was imagination. And the more I was painting, brush strokes became bigger… And the bigger they got, the easier
i managed to find the clover hidden behind the canvas…it was there, waiting for the perfect moment to sting thr work….

As we step on ashes.

Let the crystal cracks fall apart. Let everything protected by the crust be released, let them fall and break into pieces. There has been too much silence, too much ice and fire. Let the crystal dust cast a halo of past and fade away for ever.

Now that the damage has been done…the pieces wont ever fit again.

We will carry on with  the game, but the fire we started will end with ashes….and as we move on, the ashes we stepped on will leave footprints… for a very long time.


I changed my scenary and charmed by the sight, I forgot of wounds, fog and shadows. Its like being in a dark room in which it rains…you feel the raindrops but you dont see them, feels like it hurts less…but as the lights turn on…you wake up ane end up in the middle of the ocean, running on water, and suddenly you drown.
One good may bring several bads. Or several bads may be followed by good…
What will I do?
After being slapped, I turned the other cheek and got slapped again.


I ve never burnt so hard for a long time.
It s like after the wing was broken, someone managed to come and tare it down. If we re bout to suffer, let it rain with salt.
If the first slap wasnt enough, the second one flipped reality to 2D.