Now that we’re at the border line of the end of beginning.

Now that we re at the border line of the end of a beginning and looking forward at another beginning, I want to approach things differntly. As a new years resolution, I want all those close to me to be happy and healthy, but especially healthy…as I understood that if we have health and strength, […]

Noul header…

Poate ca va mirati ca am schimbat headerul…poate nici nu observati sau nici nu cititi ce am scris…eventual nu intrati…dar, consider ca ar trebui sa impartasesc sentiment…ideea, gandul… In timp ce scriu, ma gandesc la ce scriu, si automat la ce vreu sa spun si unde vreau sa ajung. Consider ca acest header este demn […]

Dear readers,

This is a special post for those who visit my blog(not my friends or teachers, they are in a special category), especially those who found me on Inga and Anush’s blog. Before thankin’ the readers, I should thank Inga and Anush first, they chose to promote Lake Sevan’s participation to 7 New Wonders of Nature […]

Just about time…

As you all know…beside Eurovision, cooking, orchids, phones(more Megapixels…the better), painting, taking photos[to everything(that’s why i want a phone with great camera)], i have one more thing…my NATIONALITY:D Many people dont even know if there is any country named Armenia, many say it’s a muslim country or something somewhere in Turkey or duno… Nope, Armenia’s a […]